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Anesthesia services that we provide include:

The medical specialty of Anesthesiology is taken to an artform at Allentown Anesthesia Associates

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We take your anesthesia as seriously as you do!

Whether your surgical procedure or childs delivery is planned or emergent, nothing is as frightening as the unknown. We at Allentown Anesthesia want you to know that while we are planning and implementing your anesthetic, you are our primary focus.

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General Anesthesia

This type of anesthesia is performed for most general surgery procedures. A state of unconsciousness is induced with either intravenous or inhalational agents, and a breathing device or face mask is applied to assist the patient with breathing. In the majority of cases, the patient is placed on the ventilator and will remain on it for the duration of the surgery. IV opioids are given during and after the procedure to alleviate surgical pain.